Barghash Discovers Europe & Egypt: The Rehla of Sultan Barghash (Africa Institute)

A co-translation with Adil Babikir

Short Stories

An Exercise in Creating Writing by Najlaa Eltom in 128 Lit Magazine

26 Micro Stories by Mahmoud Shukair in Banipal 70: Writing Jerusalem (Spring 2021)

Two Thieves Emerge from the Sea in Padua. Birth: Selected Stories by Abdelaziz Baraka Sakin (Willows House)


A selection of poems by Najlaa Eltom, Circumference Magazine, Issue 10

A selection of poems by Najlaa Eltom, Imagine Africa: Volume Four (Archipelago Books)

The Spider’s Text by Rugaia Warrag. Modern Sudanese Poetry: An Anthology by Adil Babikir (University of Nebraska Press).


Subtitles for Tajouj (1977) by Gadalla Gubara (Cinelogue)

Alan Tanam Ya Sam by Yasmeen Ismail (Bloomsbury Publishing)

Readings and Talks